Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had a heated feud for years, and that included some below the belt insults along the way. HBK called out The Hitman for having an affair with Sunny, something Michaels was actually doing himself, but Hart didn’t even realize that until way later.

Shawn Michaels is currently doing an excellent job as the boss of NXT. However, during his wrestling prime, the Heartbreak Kid was a controversial figure. His tumultuous relationship with Bret Hart is still drawing headlines for a reason.

Bruce Prichard has now revealed that Bret Hart was completely unaware of Michaels’ infamous “Sunny Days” comment until his wife informed him later. The real-life feud between these two wrestling legends became one of the most significant stories of the 1990s in the pro wrestling world.

Bret Hart’s first wife, Julie Smadu, was shocked by Shawn Michaels’ accusation. So, she decided to confront Bret about it, who, until that moment, had no knowledge of the line from the promo.


During a recent episode of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard let everyone know just how surprised Bret Hart was by that accusation.

“Bret didn’t even know the comment was made when it happened. Bret didn’t hear it, or it went right over his head. Bret had no clue at all until he got home, and his wife was like, ‘What the hell was that?’ So, everybody makes it a big deal. There was no big deal that night at all. It wasn’t until the ramifications in other people, you know, like Dave Meltzer, starts talking about it and stirring up sh*t that wasn’t there.”

The tension between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels escalated after Michaels made the controversial remark during a seemingly unscripted promo on the May 19, 1997, episode of RAW. The insinuation was that Bret Hart had an affair with Sunny. This was not the truth, as Hart and Sunny have both denied it happened.

We will have to see if Bret Hart wants to chime in about this comment once again. He’s spoken his piece on Shawn Michaels in the past, but this story is seemingly not going away.

What’s your take on Shawn Michaels accusing Bret Hart of doing something he was actually doing? Sound off in the comments!

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