In a recent meeting that Ringside News founder Steve Carrier had with Facebook representative, it was revealed that the social media giant is taking steps to demonetize combat sports content, including wrestling pages. This move has significant implications for fans of WWE, AEW, and other combat sports, as their favorite pages are set to receive limited visibility on the platform.

Facebook has classified combat sports as “violent content,” and their automated system has been flagging numerous posts from wrestling pages without providing any options for dispute. This policy is part of a broader update that has been rolled out across the Facebook network over the last week, resulting in reduced exposure for pages like the one we spoke to.

During our conversation with the Facebook employee, they suggested that we should “change our content” to comply with their guidelines. However, we firmly stand by our decision not to conform to their demands. We believe that our content provides valuable coverage for fans, and compromising that would be a disservice to our readership.

As a result of these changes, if you notice a decline in the number of posts from our page, it is directly related to the new Facebook policy. This alteration came into effect last Monday, and since then, our page has been subject to demonetization on a daily basis. To ensure you continue to receive all our content, we recommend following us on alternative social media platforms that are not as stringent in their policies.


To help raise awareness about this issue, we urge you to like, share, and comment on this post. The actions that Facebook is taking against combat sport pages are unfair, particularly to those who have dedicated years to cultivating their following and providing fans with continuous coverage. We firmly believe that this is an injustice to you, the reader, who deserves access to diverse content.

In light of these developments, we have compiled a list of alternative social media platforms where you can find us. By following us on these platforms, you can ensure that you receive uninterrupted access to our content:

Thank you for your continued support, and together, we can navigate these challenges and keep the spirit of pro wrestling and combat sports alive.

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