The ongoing Bloodline storyline in WWE, featuring Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the Usos, has garnered widespread acclaim in the wrestling world. Fans have praised the weekly developments of the family-focused narrative. While appearing on Bust Open Radio, AEW’s Thunder Rosa discussed the relatability of the storyline and its resemblance to a dramatic telenovela.

Rosa compared the Bloodline storyline to a telenovela, a Spanish-language soap opera known for its intense family feuds and melodramatic plotlines. She described it as a “family feud one thousand on crack,” incorporating every aspect of family problems and conflicts that people often seek therapy for.

“This is a novela dude, this is a straight-up novela,” the former AEW Women’s Champion said, “This is like a family feud one thousand on crack. Every single aspect of family problems and things that you go to therapy for are being put in the ring as entertainment. Which makes it so real to so many people. When you’re so close with your family, you’re close-knit and you come from that kind of background you understand and you relate.”

Drawing a parallel between professional wrestling storylines and soap operas is not new. While romantic storylines are usually associated with such comparisons, the Bloodline saga stands out for its intense family drama and its ability to captivate audiences with its melodramatic elements.


The Bloodline storyline has proven to be a success, drawing viewers across different social media platforms and achieving strong ratings on weekly TV. It has undeniably brought more attention to the wrestling industry. However, Rosa found it interesting that the storyline has also attracted a significant male viewership.

Rosa noted that the storyline resonates with male viewers because it portrays a familiar dynamic within families, featuring characters who exhibit narcissistic and manipulative behavior, gaslighting, and putting others down. She remarked that she had witnessed similar scenarios in various telenovelas she watched while growing up with her mother, and now male viewers are engrossed in the drama unfolding in the Bloodline storyline.

“Because there’s always such an a-hole in the family who thinks he or she is the sh*t and they do this gaslighting and put people down, all this stuff that we’re seeing,” she said “I swear, I’ve seen it in ten different telenovelas growing up and this is my mom watching it and I used to watch it. And now all you guys, all the males watching this telenovela.”

The Bloodline saga showcases the power of engaging storytelling in professional wrestling. By tapping into relatable family dynamics and incorporating elements of melodrama, WWE has successfully crafted a compelling narrative that captures the attention of viewers across genders and demographics.

Steve Carrier

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