During an episode of his Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette shared his thoughts on the notion of someone else becoming “the guy” in WWE while Roman Reigns remains a dominant force as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Cornette pointed out that WWE has attempted to position Seth Rollins as “the guy” by crowning him as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Cornette expressed his belief that as long as Roman Reigns holds the Universal Championship, it is challenging for anyone else to achieve the status of “the guy.” He emphasized that to be the world champion, whether it be Universal Champion or any other similar title, an individual must possess the qualities that make them stand out as the true face of the company.

While acknowledging the success and popularity of other wrestlers and the overall success of shows like RAW and SmackDown, Cornette emphasized that being “the guy” requires a certain level of prominence and distinction that is currently embodied by Roman Reigns.

“No, because it’s not that, again, I mean, they did a great number. RAW is rocking, and so is SmackDown. But it’s just not the guy.” Jim continued, “With Roman Reigns, the guy, nobody else can be the guy. Any kind of world champion, Universal Champion, global champion, whatever descriptor you’re gonna use for it, you gotta be the guy.”


As WWE continues to evolve, it remains to be seen if and when someone will rise to the level of being “the guy” while Roman Reigns holds the Universal Championship. The ongoing storyline and the quest to find a successor to Reigns’ reign will undoubtedly provide engaging narratives for WWE fans.

What are your thoughts on Jim Cornette’s perspective that as long as Roman Reigns remains the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, it is challenging for someone else to become “the guy” in WWE? Leave a comment.

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