Young Rock excited WWE fans with the idea of getting stories from a younger Dwayne Johnson. Sadly, those stories will stop at season 3 as NBC cancelled the show. This might have been a long time coming for The Rock’s series.

WWE SmackDown is on Fridays, and NBC knew this. Still, they placed Young Rock on their Friday night slot, directly in competition with WWE SmackDown. That saw a terrible slump in ratings.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that NBC might have wanted to cancel Young Rock, but they didn’t have a real reason to. This could be why they moved it to Friday nights to a spot often regarded as a graveyard slot for dying shows.

We knew it was, I mean I knew it was the minute they moved it to Friday night and that first ratings came in. Really, I knew when they moved it to Friday night that this was coming, because it was not going to draw head-to-head with SmackDown.


The minute you saw that you go, ‘no thinking person would ever schedule Young Rock head-to-head with SmackDown, but they did, and the show wasn’t doing great on Tuesday anyway, so it might have been a way to justify.

It was further noted that “a lot of times in television someone wants a show cancelled, and they don’t want the heat cancelling it, so what they do is move it to Friday night or Saturday, and it does terrible ratings, because those nights do terrible ratings, and then they can justify it by saying, ‘look at the ratings.'”

Only time will tell if Seven Bucks Productions can find a new home for Young Rock. It seems that fans might have seen the last of that story, because they already knew how everything was going to end for the Great One anyway.

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