AEW has lost a few members of their roster along the way, and some original talent for the company are also no longer around. SCU started out AEW with a lot of momentum, but that stable disbanded through the years. Now, Frankie Kazarian is no longer with the company, and this was a decision that took some thinking.

During the Kurt Angle Show, Frankie Kazarian opened up about his decision to leave AEW. He had two years left on his contract when he made that decision, and he could have probably stuck around, but he made a decision to leave.

“When I left last year, I still had two years left on my contract when I left. I made the decision to leave. I still had two years left. I probably could have been there much longer. I re-signed at the end of 2021 and hindsight being what it is, I probably shouldn’t have, but again, AEW, I was there since before day one. I was there when this was a germ of an idea. I was there discussing this company when they didn’t even have initials attached to them in these rooms with Cody and The Bucks and Page and Sky and C.D. So again, I was committed. I was like I want to try to, you know, ride this thing out.”

Frankie Kazarian opened up about his decision to join AEW, highlighting certain aspects of pro wrestling that he felt were missing from the company. While acknowledging the difficulty of his choice, Kazarian ultimately prioritized his career and made the decision that would serve him best.


“It just became apparent to me that what I like and what I appreciate about pro wrestling and the way I like it presented was not happening at AEW, and that’s not an indictment of them. It’s just what they perceive as good television wrestling and what I do are different things, and just the business model, everything.”

Frankie Kazarian doesn’t seem to regret his decision. Only time will tell if he ever finds his way back to AEW, but he seems to be doing just fine right now.

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Felix Upton

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