Booker T recently shared his thoughts on the WCW triple cage match and expressed his interest in seeing it make a comeback. During an episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed the unique match concept and its potential in today’s wrestling landscape.

The triple cage match first gained prominence in the WCW/David Arquette movie, “Ready To Rumble.” Following its appearance on the big screen, WCW adopted the match type twice in the year 2000. The intricate structure of the triple cage match captured the imagination of fans, and Booker T acknowledged its visual appeal during his podcast discussion.

Booker T expressed his belief that if any promotion could successfully reintroduce the triple cage match, it would be WWE. With their vast budget and abundant resources, WWE has proven time and again that they can create and execute grandiose concepts. Booker T cited their capability in securing such an elaborate cage structure and staging a spectacle that would captivate the audience.

“Yeah, I think if anybody can make it work, it would be WWE. You know, they got the budget and the manpower to actually be able to secure something like that. That cage is crazy. And I remember the concept from Ready to Rumble, right? It was crazy. It looked awesome. It looked from a movie perspective, it actually looked awesome. I don’t know if it will work today though. Something I would be willing to explore, I tell you that. Well, like I said, I think if anybody, if anybody could do it, WWE could definitely pull something off like that. I definitely love to see it.”


Booker T also shared his favorite gimmick match of all time—the Coal Miner’s Glove match. He reminisced about witnessing this match firsthand in Houston, Texas, and spoke of the intrigue it held for him.

“Like of all time. I guess the San Francisco 49ers match. No man. But my favorite game is a match. It goes back to a day you probably wouldn’t even remember but it was called the Coal Miner’s Glove match started right here. They did that match here in Houston, TX. The coal miner’s glove batch was always intriguing for me to see the guy get that glove on and go to work with it when the cage matches and you know, the ladder matches, you know, stuff like that. But for me, it’s just that that match right there had a certain vibe about it.

Whether or not the triple cage match will see a revival remains to be seen, but Booker T’s enthusiasm and WWE’s resources could be the catalyst needed to make it a reality once again.

What are your thoughts on Booker T’s interest in seeing the WCW triple cage match make a comeback? Do you want to see it happen? Leave a comment.

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