Monster-Mania Convention has just announced that AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman will be making a special appearance at the convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, later in August. MJF will be available for a limited time on Saturday during the convention.

Fans attending the convention will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for a photo op with MJF. The announcement also mentions a unique photo op where MJF will be wearing his devil mask, which has become a recognizable part of his persona in AEW.

MJF is known for his aggressive heel character and his ability to blur the lines of kayfabe. With his sharp wit and insults, MJF has gained a reputation for his ability to roast and insult fans and even non-wrestling celebrities.

It’s important for fans to note that when meeting MJF, he remains fully committed to his character, adding to the authenticity of the experience. As stated in the announcement, attendees should come prepared and be ready to interact with MJF’s entertaining and sometimes provocative personality.



We are VERY excited to announce that MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN, better known to wrestling fans as MJF will be making his FIRST MONSTER-MANIA CON appearance, joining us for our 20th ANNIVERSARY Celebration at MONSTER-MANIA CON 55 in Cherry Hill, NJ the weekend of AUGUST 4-6.

MJF will also be doing a very special IN-MASK photo op, wearing the devil mask that he has used often during his AEW career!

MJF will be appearing SATURDAY ONLY of the show!

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Wrestling fans are well aware that MJF is currently the reigning AEW WORLD CHAMPION. MJF also holds the AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring, which he has won for four consecutive years. MJF is well known for his aggressive heel persona, largely due to his ability to blur the line of kayfabe, often insulting fans and other non-professional wrestling celebrities.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you plan on meeting MJF make sure you have your big boy pants on!

When making personal appearances, MJF remains totally in character so fans please take heed! Meeting MJF will be a very unique experience but be prepared to be roasted and insulted as he will remain in character when he meets you!

Don’t miss your chance to meet MJF at the show!

This is an exciting opportunity for wrestling fans to meet MJF, who has made a significant impact in the world of professional wrestling.

Are you planning to attend the Monster-Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to meet AEW World Champion MJF? Leave a comment below.

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