In a recent interview with, AEW President Tony Khan shared his thoughts on the highly anticipated Forbidden Door II pay-per-view event with NJPW and the return of CM Punk for AEW Collision.

Speaking about CM Punk’s return, Khan acknowledged the significance of Punk’s presence both to the fans and the company. Tony mentioned that it has been a while since Punk’s last appearance at All Out in September, but he praised Punk’s performance in that match, stating that he looked great.

Khan emphasized Punk’s importance as a draw for AEW and his historical significance throughout his career. He also mentioned that the timing of Punk’s return aligns with his rehab schedule for his triceps injury, making it a fitting moment for his comeback.

“We haven’t seen CM Punk in a long time, since All Out last September. He looked great in his last match. To the fans, he’s very important. He’s very important to the company, too. He’s been a big draw for us and historically throughout his career, and the launch of the new show happens to line up with the schedule on his rehab of his triceps injury.”


The return of CM Punk has generated a tremendous amount of excitement among wrestling fans, and Khan’s comments reaffirm Punk’s impact on the industry. Punk’s presence is highly anticipated, and his return coinciding with the launch of AEW Collision adds to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming event.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s return to wrestling and his impact on AEW? Leave a comment below.

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