After a playful segment earlier in the show, a new faction on WWE NXT has finally unveiled their official name.

On ‘Home Hitting Hard Truths with Nathan Frazier’, Dragon Lee playfully suggested a list of potential faction names for Noam Dar’s group. However, the real faction name was revealed in a backstage segment later in the show.

Noam Dar, alongside Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend, proudly announced their faction as “the Meta-Four”. This name was chosen by Dar himself, leaving behind Dragon Lee’s humorous suggestions that didn’t quite make the cut.

In other news from tonight’s WWE NXT, Baron Corbin continued to make enemies at the Performance Center as several top NXT opponents were teased to take him on.


Additionally, Ava, the daughter of wrestling icon The Rock, had her long-awaited television in-ring debut. She competed in a mixed match alongside her faction mates from Schism, known as the Dyad.

With the unveiling of the Meta-Four, the ongoing tensions surrounding Baron Corbin, and the impressive debut of Ava and the Dyad, tonight’s WWE NXT delivered a lot of excitement for WWE fans.

Steve Carrier

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