Haley and Hanna Cavinder, who are part of WWE’s NIL program, have hinted at a possible appearance or debut on tonight’s episode of WWE NXT.

The twin sisters, who have been making waves in the basketball world, shared photos of themselves in the Capitol Wrestling Center on Twitter, suggesting that fans may see them in the ring tonight.

Having decided to forgo their fifth year of NCAA eligibility, the Cavinder sisters are embarking on a new chapter in their careers. They were recruited as part of the inaugural WWE NIL class in 2021, indicating WWE’s interest in their potential as professional wrestlers. In April, their agent mentioned that they would soon begin training with WWE, further fueling speculation about their future in the company.

In addition to their wrestling endeavors, the Cavinders recently signed a deal with Caktus AI, a company that has generated some controversy due to its promotion of automating school work using AI text generation. This deal, along with others, is reportedly part of the twins’ total worth of around $800,000 in various agreements.


Fans eagerly await Haley and Hanna Cavinder’s potential appearance on WWE NXT, as they transition from the world of basketball to the exciting world of professional wrestling.

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