During a recent episode of Impaulsive, Logan Paul discussed his aspirations of achieving a unique feat in combat sports. He expressed his desire to simultaneously hold championships in WWE, UFC, and boxing, highlighting his interest in diversifying his combat sports career.

Paul acknowledged Israel Adesanya’s praise during the episode, with Adesanya commending Logan’s strength and capabilities. Adesanya even suggested that Logan could eventually have a fight in the UFC. In response, Logan shared his ambitious goal of becoming a champion in multiple disciplines.

Logan Paul mentioned his confidence in attaining a WWE Championship, expressing his eagerness to return to the world of professional wrestling. Regarding boxing, Logan considered pursuing a championship in one of the lower-tier divisions, as the landscape of boxing championships has evolved over time. However, he acknowledged a hurdle in achieving a UFC Championship due to Adesanya currently holding the belt and his lack of interest in fighting.

“I might have to do a UFC fight. I had this idea one day. I said to myself, I don’t think there’s ever been a simultaneous WWE, UFC, and boxing champion at the same time. I said to myself, I can probably do WWE, I feel confident I can get a WWE Championship. Boxing, one of their lower-tier, there’s a hundred different … like what’s a real boxing championship nowadays? I ran I into a problem with the UFC Championship because you. You’ve got the belt. I won’t do it. I have no interest in fighting.”


It should be noted that Logan Paul last competed at WrestleMania 39, where he faced Seth Rollins and came up short. His recent comments indicate his eagerness to continue his journey in WWE.

While his goals may be challenging to achieve, Logan’s hunger and enthusiasm for pursuing these opportunities reflect his ongoing dedication to expanding his combat sports career.

How do you think Logan Paul’s pursuit of championships in WWE, UFC, and boxing will impact his career in combat sports, and how will it be received by fans? Leave a comment below.

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