Brian “Road Dogg” James has expressed his admiration for veteran commentator Michael Cole and called for more respect towards him within the pro wrestling world. On his “Oh… You Didn’t Know” podcast, James compared Cole to the legendary Jim Ross and praised him as the voice of WWE.

According to James, Cole continues to excel in his role and is the modern-day equivalent of Jim Ross. He believes Cole is the real deal and the definitive voice of WWE.

“He’s still there today doing it man and doing it better — I’d say this is our generation’s Jim Ross … Michael Cole’s the deal. He’s the voice of the WWE, no doubt.”

However, James couldn’t resist recalling a funny incident from their early days together. He mentioned filming a super soaker commercial alongside Cole, where they were specifically instructed not to shoot him in the face. Despite the instructions, James and his partners, Billy Gunn and X-Pac, couldn’t resist the temptation and ended up breaking the rule.


James shared the amusing story, mentioning that it was Cole’s first week on the job and he was fully made up for the commercial. Despite the directive, they couldn’t resist shooting Cole in the face, causing some hilarious chaos on set. James revealed that X-Pac has since apologized to Cole multiple times for their antics during that incident.

“Michael Cole, it was like his first week there, and he was in the commercial with us,” he recalled. “And they came to us and said, ‘No matter what, don’t shoot him in the face.’ Okay, here we go, and Kid looks at me and he goes, ‘In his face, right?’ I said, ‘You damn right!'”

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