Chris Jericho, the lead singer of Fozzy and a star in AEW, revealed his plans to make history in London this August.

In an interview with SPORF, Jericho discussed the upcoming AEW All In event at Wembley Stadium and announced his intention to announce a massive Fozzy show in London during the same weekend.

Jericho expressed his desire to tie both events together, aiming for the biggest show in Fozzy’s history alongside the biggest show in AEW’s history. He believes London is the perfect location for such an occasion.

“I think that we are going to announce a huge show for Fozzy in London that same weekend for Wembley,” Chris Jericho said.“I just really feel that I wanna tie both events together. The biggest show in Fozzy history. The biggest show in AEW history. It just seems apropos. London’s the place for it.”


Acknowledging the significance of All In, Jericho expressed his anticipation for the event and its potential impact on AEW. He described Wembley as a monumental venue and expressed his excitement for AEW’s first time performing there. Jericho also expressed his love for the UK and its passionate fans, highlighting the enthusiasm he receives from places like Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

“I think Wembley is going to be monumental because it’s our first time with AEW and any time we go over with Fozzy, to see the band continue to grow, it’s just amazing to me,” Chris Jericho said. “I can’t state how awesome the whole UK is. Scotland is so insane for us. Wales, Northern Ireland, I love everything about the UK. So any time I can go over there with Fozzy or AEW or back when I was with WWE, I just know it’s going to be a blast and a lot of fun and the shows are always memorable in different ways.”

While no official announcement has been made regarding a Fozzy concert in London during the All In weekend, Jericho’s remarks indicate that he is actively planning and aiming to create a memorable experience for fans in both AEW and Fozzy.

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