Madusa discussed various aspects of her esteemed pro-wrestling career in a recent interview with Inside the Ropes. One significant topic she touched upon was the pay disparity she experienced, particularly during her time in WCW.

Madusa revealed that while top stars of the nWo faction were signing million-dollar contracts, she was earning a meager $75,000 per year. She expressed her frustration and disappointment, questioning the disparity in pay. Madusa believed that WCW executive Eric Bischoff became overly focused on the nWo and their high-profile signings, neglecting the equitable treatment of other wrestlers.

She expressed her discontent with the situation, highlighting the financial challenges she faced as a result. Madusa stressed that her income had to cover various expenses, leaving her with a significantly reduced amount after taxes. The disparity between her earnings and the lucrative contracts of the nWo members left her feeling livid and undervalued.

“I’m like, What is going on? I was so livid. I just feel that Eric got so caught up into the nWo and bringing the big guys and they’re getting million dollar contracts, or $800, or three or $500,000, whatever, I was making $75,000. You know, I mean, my God, all of my stuff had to come out of that and pay taxes by the time you know, you bring home $20,000.”


In recent years, there has been a growing movement within the wrestling community to address the issue of pay disparity. Promotions such as WWE have taken steps to highlight and promote women’s wrestling through dedicated pay-per-view events like Evolution and the rebranding of their women’s championship titles. Additionally, grassroots initiatives, social media campaigns, and the support of fans have helped raise awareness about the need for equitable pay and treatment across genders in the wrestling world.

What are your thoughts on the pay disparity that Madusa experienced during her time in WCW? Do you believe that the wrestling industry has made progress in addressing the issue of pay inequality? Leave a comment.

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