In a recent interview with Fightful, NJPW star Will Ospreay delved into the topic of moves he’s hesitant to perform and the valuable advice he received from veteran wrestler Chris Jericho.

Ospreay expressed his fear of executing the Shooting Star Press again, citing a previous incident where he almost messed it up. During a random independent show, he encountered a moment where he became stuck mid-air while attempting the move. Fortunately, he managed to orient himself correctly and push through the maneuver. However, his physiotherapist revealed that his injury had not fully healed, and there’s a risk of aggravating it further if he engages in lifting maneuvers. This has led Ospreay to question whether he should continue performing the Storm Breaker, his signature move.

He also acknowledged that hitting the Storm Breaker usually results in victory, but the fear of another long-term injury weighs on his mind. He mentioned considering focusing on perfecting the Hidden Blade as an alternative.

Ospreay emphasized the importance of avoiding extended periods of absence from wrestling due to injury. He doesn’t want to endure another nine-month or year-long hiatus, which is why he’s carefully evaluating the risks associated with certain moves.


 “There’s been a few. I’m scared of doing the shooting star press again. I nearly f***ed it up a little while ago. I done it on a random indy show and as I started going I got stuck. Thankfully I knew which way was up and down, so I was able to push through it. Even my physio said it’s not fully healed. So there is a chance if you’re lifting someone over your head this could f***ing rip off again. It is making me question whether I should be doing the Storm Breaker anymore. That is the biggest move that I f***ing have. I hit that, it’s game over. But I am f***ing sacred, bro. It is one of those things where I don’t want to be out for nine months. I don’t want to be out for a year. So I’ve got to think about what’s worth it now. If it means I’ve got to say goodbye to Storm Breaker, then I just gotta perfect the Hidden Blade more and hopefully that’ll do the job.”

Ospreay’s candid discussion sheds light on the physical and mental challenges faced by professional wrestlers. Balancing high-risk moves with personal safety is a constant consideration in their careers.

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