Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have a great life on top of the world as a power couple in pro wrestling. Stephanie McMahon might not be working in WWE right now, but she will always be a McMahon, with ties to her father and husband’s company. That being said, Trips and Steph have a very happy life at home, and it is also protected very well.

Some rich people have bodyguards or armed guards to protect them. We’re not sure everything that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon go through to lock down their home, but the couple’s mastiff dog certainly helps out.

While speaking on The Dan Go Podcast, Joe DeFranco recalled the first time he trained with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He usually doesn’t get nervous when meeting new clients, but their 230-pound mastiff, Bluto, was a variable he wasn’t expecting.

“I never get nervous, I have been training clients for 17 years at this point, but I don’t usually do in-home visits and you pull up to this big beautiful house, it’s gated, they have to buzz you in. I’m a little worried for the session. There are five or six stairs and then they have a private entrance for their home gym. I walk down the stairs, I ring the doorbell, I’m waiting, and truly like a movie…it was a sunny day out, and all of a sudden, a cloud came over me. In my brain, it looked like a dinosaur. This huge shadow of an animal just hovered over me. I slowly turn around and look.”


“They have, and I’m not exaggerating, I saw them weigh this dog, a 232-pound mastiff staring at me. He’s even bigger because he’s at the top of the stairs and I’m at the bottom. He’s just [growling sounds]. A little drool and spit. I see the teeth. I love dogs, but I am crapping my pants. I don’t want to be disrespectful, I’m knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell, I’m the new trainer. They didn’t tell me they have a grown man, a dog who weighs 30 pounds more than me, and he keeps growling. One step down the stairs. I’m trying not to show I’m nervous because I know dogs feed off that energy. Usually, dogs are very friendly with me. I think I’m going to get eaten before this first session. Thank the good Lord, somebody was looking over me.”

“He got down to the second or third step, and they answered the door. ‘Oh, you met Bluto.’ ‘I don’t think Bluto likes me too much.’ ‘I’m so sorry, he’s very friendly, but he’s very protective. With new people on our property, we probably should have made sure he wasn’t roaming the grounds.’ Me and Bluto ended up becoming very good friends, but that was my encounter with a dinosaur and the longest ten seconds of my life.”

Felix Upton

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