Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion and NXT Champion Shayna Baszler recently addressed the rumors surrounding her supposed vampire persona that emerged after her debut on WWE RAW in 2020.

During her first night on the main roster, Baszler shocked fans by biting the neck of WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in a controversial moment broadcasted live on television.

The incident sparked speculation among fans, with many wondering if Baszler would embrace a vampire-inspired gimmick. However, in a recent interview on the Ring The Belle podcast, Baszler set the record straight and provided an explanation for her actions.

Baszler clarified that her goal was simply to make a memorable impact and “shock the world” on her debut. She pointed out that the incident garnered significant attention, with her name trending on social media. Baszler firmly stated that she is not a vampire and compared her actions to Mike Tyson’s infamous biting incident, emphasizing that sometimes in the heat of the moment, individuals do something unexpected to create a lasting impression.


“So the idea was to just shock the world, right? And my debut and I do that, I’m trending on all socials, can’t argue cause it worked… I’m not a vampire, I did it once. Look, Mike Tyson isn’t a vampire. It just happened one time. I lost my cool, and wanted to shock the world.”

With Baszler’s candid remarks, fans can now put the vampire rumors to rest and understand that her biting incident was a one-time event meant to make a splash in the WWE Universe.

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