Kip Sabian recently shared his honest thoughts on his on-screen partnership with Miro, shedding light on the creative aspects of their pairing.

After Miro’s departure from WWE in April 2020, fans eagerly anticipated his arrival in AEW, hoping to see him dominate the company’s roster. It took some time for Miro to establish himself as a serious singles competitor, eventually aligning himself with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford in September 2020. The trio remained together until March 2021.

During an appearance on the Sappenin’ Podcast, Kip Sabian discussed his experience working with Miro and expressed his admiration for him as one of the nicest human beings he has ever met. Sabian appreciated Miro’s openness to their ideas and found their collaboration enjoyable. However, looking back, Sabian acknowledged that he would have made some creative changes to their partnership.

“He was very, very enjoyable to work with… But with me, he was very enjoyable to work with because he was always open to the ideas that we had. But, as much as I enjoyed doing that, the character that I was portraying during all this time, it wasn’t really me, I couldn’t find the me that I wanted.


“I liked video games so we did the video game thing but, it wasn’t really me and I look back now and I’m like, ah, there’s a lot I would have changed.”

Sabian also revealed that he was dealing with health issues at the time, including being prediabetic due to excessive consumption of sugary American soda. Additionally, he suffered a torn labrum, which progressively worsened but was determined to continue the ongoing storyline, keeping his pain concealed.

“Plus, during this time, I was prediabetic at one point which was horrible, because American soda is full of sugar and I’m an idiot and drank too much of it. God damn you.”

“So yeah, I was prediabetic and then I tore my labrum which, you know, progressively got worse but I wanted to continue the story we were doing so I kept it very close to my chest at that point that it was hurting as much as it was.

“So I was basically being held together by tape the whole time. But it wasn’t until I went away that I started to realize what I could do with wrestling from a creative standpoint.”

Despite these challenges, Sabian recognized that it was during his time away from the spotlight that he began to realize his creative potential in wrestling.

What are your thoughts on Kip Sabian’s honest reflections on his on-screen partnership with Miro in AEW? Do you agree with his assessment of their creative collaboration? Leave a comment.

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