Back in 1998, during the peak of the WWE Attitude Era, one of its most memorable moments unfolded when DX invaded a WCW Nitro episode in Norfolk, Virginia, as well as WCW’s headquarters in Georgia. Recently, on an episode of “Something to Wrestle,” a popular wrestling podcast, Bruce Prichard shed light on the filming of the segment, revealing that it nearly resulted in the arrest of everyone involved.

Prichard, a longtime WWE producer, recalled that after the DX invasion at WCW offices, a call was made to the police, claiming that the building was being assaulted by individuals armed with weapons. However, Prichard had already personally informed the local police department about the planned segment and requested their presence during the shoot.

As filming wrapped up and the crew prepared to leave, an unexpectedly heavy police response arrived in response to the 911 call. Even the presence of a Smyrna police officer, who accompanied the WWE shoot, failed to diffuse the situation. Prichard recounted the tense moment, saying, “They get out and they’re putting us up against the van and all this other stuff.”

Despite the Smyrna police officer’s efforts to explain that it was a scripted skit for television, WCW executive Mike Weber reportedly insisted that the group was trespassing. The confrontation with the police had nearly led to the arrest of everyone involved, but fortunately, the situation eventually calmed down.


According to reports, the head of the Smyrna police still wanted to arrest the WWE group, but the arrest did not occur at that point. The group received a warning to proceed to the airport and catch the next flight. However, they decided to disregard the order and made an unauthorized stop at CNN headquarters to film additional footage for WWE RAW.

The DX invasion of WCW remains a significant moment in wrestling history, exemplifying the heated rivalry between WWE and WCW during the late 1990s. While the incident almost resulted in legal consequences, it ultimately served as a testament to the unpredictability and excitement that defined the WWE Attitude Era.

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