Update: TMZ provided an exclusive update as they reported, “A rep for the wrestling legend tells TMZ Sports … Goldberg was getting work done on his property, when he accidentally knocked his noggin on his tractor — opening up a big gash near his forehead.”

Original: Goldberg has bladed in the ring before, so he’s not afraid of a little blood. That being said, he’s also been busted open the hard way, and that’s never fun at all. A recent post from the WWE Hall of Famer let fans in on a recent accident at home.

Goldberg is currently in line for a retirement match, and he might be setting that up himself. Right now, he has other things to worry about, apparently.

Although we’re not quite sure how Goldberg busted himself open this time, he dropped a bloody photo on Instagram. Goldberg has accidentally busted himself open a few times, especially as he headbutted a door during his pre-television warm up routine.


Goldberg dropped a bloody photo of himself along with several hashtags. Although he didn’t explain what happened in his caption, the hashtags he picked certainly tell quite a story.

#tpost 1 , Goldberg 0 #happytuesday #lifeonthefarm #clutz #tractor #shootingrange #mishap #gotcolor #hardway #wrestling #oldschool #fleshwound #hardhead #spear #jackhammer #whosnext #superglue #texas #tisbutafleshwound

It seems that Goldberg busted himself open at home on his farm, and it might have had something to do with the shooting range. Thankfully, Goldberg only has that cut on his head, because shooting ranges are very dangerous places.

Perhaps Goldberg will elaborate someday about how he got his recent dose of color. Until then, it’s fun to speculate, because he seems to be okay now. At least Goldberg was well enough to send out this little Instagram post for his fans.

What’s your take on Goldberg’s career in the ring? Is he on your Mt Rushmore? Sound off in the comments!

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