Cody Rhodes is set to face Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions on May 27th, but he won’t be 100% going into that match. The American Nightmare suffered a kayfabe injury, what is believed to be a broken arm, this week on RAW, and he has a lot of attention because of it.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez stated that Cody might “miss 8 weeks after this match, because a broken arm isn’t supposed to heal immediately after this match.” After all, WWE might want to play up the reality of the situation.

Dave Meltzer said that WWE is trying to recreate the drama that surrounded Cody Rhodes’ torn pec before Hell in a Cell. Rhodes went on to win that match against Seth Rollins, but then he took several months off to legitimately heal.


It was also noted that Cody Rhodes could use this injury angle to take some time off after Night of Champions to sell the injury. That being said, WWE might not want to lose him either.

I know, and he’s the key guy, he’s the main event on these house shows and he’s the biggest drawing card that goes on the road right now. So, it is an interesting storyline, you’re right? Are they gonna keep him out for some time? My guy is that maybe it is a way for Brock to win the second match and Cody to save face, ‘oh he fought Brock with a broken arm,’ and they’re split at one win each and they can do another match down the line, or maybe they just make Cody into a big superhero.

We will have to see what WWE does to book Cody Rhodes out of this situation. They’re trying to play up reality in this angle, but it might not work unless they really give Cody Rhodes the time to heal himself. It was also noted that this could be used as a reason that he holds off instead of going right for the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Then again, WWE can always announce at Night of Champions that Cody Rhodes had an X-Ray and they determined that his arm is not broken. Either way, Brock Lesnar certainly softened him up on RAW this week.

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