WWE has a few Superstars on their roster whose entrance music can ignite any crowd. Cody Rhodes’ Kingdom song is a fan favorite, and the band behind that song has quite a story to tell.

Downstait does the Kingdom song for Cody Rhodes in WWE. Only time will tell if they ever get to perform that music live, but they have certainly gained a new wave of attention because of it.

While speaking with Insight with Chris Van Vliet, lead vocalist for Downstait, Zack Call, revealed that there was a bit of a legal battle to get Kingdom in WWE. He didn’t reveal many details, but he did admit that Cody Rhodes is “the f*cking man” because of it.

“I don’t want to give away too much (about how Cody Rhodes was able to use Kingdom in WWE). But we were aware that Kingdom was coming, and we were in a little bit of a legal battle and Cody Rhodes is absolutely the f*cking man.


“We were on the phone with lawyers and agents and WWE’s lawyers and composers before, and we have been with them since 2009. And we all have regular jobs. And we just wanted our cut of the pie on this one.

“We know what happens when you — we’re not Joan Jett, we’re not Living Colour, but when you use a real song, they get paid, those artists get paid. It’s not a part of WWE’s work. And this is a song that we wrote.”

Obviously, Cody Rhodes was for the Kingdom coming to WWE, and that is what happened. It is interesting that WWE didn’t alter his character at all. Then again, Rhodes having his American Nightmare branding on his neck might have really helped that along.

It’s also a very good thing that WWE kept the Kingdom son, because fans love yelling the “WOAH” at the top of their lungs every time Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring. As it turns out, that “WOAH” was also a nod by Downstrait for Rhodes’ previous entrance music.

We will have to see how many big events Cody Rhodes has in his future, but odds are fans will hear that Kingdom song for a long time to come. It is also very likely that entrance music will become synonymous with the WWE main event scene, if it isn’t already.

What’s your take on Cody Rhodes’ entrance music? Are you happy that WWE let him keep the Kingdom song? Sound off in the comments!

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