AJ Styles has been considered one of the best pro wrestlers by both fans and his peers alike. Despite his age, The Phenomenal One has competed at the highest level imaginable in WWE. That said, Styles also answered whether he would let his children pursue a career in pro wrestling.

AJ Styles has been wrestling for 25 years in a career that has seen him compete in WCW, TNA, NJPW and WWE. He remains an icon for many fans for a very good reason. as well.

The wrestling world is full of second generation talents. After all, the likes of Cody Rhodes, Charlotte Flair and many more have found success after venturing into the pro wrestling world like their fathers.

While speaking on Inside the Ropes, AJ Styles was asked if he would let his children pursue a career in pro wrestling. Styles made it clear that he would eventually be open to it, unlike 15 years ago.


“Nah. Well, I would imagine once like okay ‘I’m chasing this dream’. He is chasing his dream of baseball. So he’s still got one more year of high school, and then go to college and play. But we’ll see where that ends up. It’s not for everybody and he has more potential than I ever had to do greater things than I had, but it may come to a point where they go, ‘Well, this didn’t work out, that didn’t work out. Dad, do you mind training us?’ And if that comes to that, I wouldn’t mind doing it.

I think where we’re at in WWE and other places, it’s a better atmosphere than it’s ever been. It’s not all that drinking and drugs. I’m not saying it doesn’t go on, but it’s not all about that as it was before. I think it’s a better atmosphere for kids to actually have a future doing something they enjoy. If my kids want to do it. Listen 15 years ago, I’d say absolutely not. No Way Jose, but now, it’s different, I don’t mind it so much.”

AJ Styles is set to compete against Seth Rollins in the finals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament at Night Of Champions on May 27th. We’ll have to see if he will be able to win the match and become the new champion.

What’s your take on what AJ Styles said? Do you want his children to become professional wrestlers as well? Let us know in the comments!

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