CM Punk remains one of the biggest and most controversial names in recent memory, whose mouth has gotten him into more trouble than any other wrestler for a long time now. While he is likely to make his AEW return next month, there remains a lot of negativity surrounding him. Now it appears that Eric Bischoff decided to go after him yet again.

CM Punk has been absent since All Out last year and fans wondered when he would finally return. It was then reported that The Second City Saint will be returning to AEW programming as the main attraction for their new show AEW Collision, which will be a two-hour show.

During the announcement of AEW Collision, many expected CM Punk to be a huge part of it. However, he wasn’t mentioned at all and it was due to Punk, AEW and Warner Bros Discovery being at aoods.

The falling out stemmed from a disagreement regarding the return of Ace Steel. CM Punk was removed from the promotional material for Collision, except for an accidental inclusion in an email.


While speaking on his Strictly Business podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff talked about the drama between AEW and CM Punk once again over Ace Steel’s status. He called out Tony Khan for letting CM Punk decide the future of AEW Collision and then proceeded to say Punk is worse than Hulk Hogan.

“Unfortunately, Tony will find a way to allow this to continue, and Punk will be back, which will be a big mistake. Who the f–k is Ace Steel anyway?

Just because he’s a confidant of CM Punk’s? Why is he allowed to jeopardize the network premiere of a brand-new show? Are you f—ing kidding me? People say I’m just being negative when I refer to the dysfunction within the infrastructure and the business side of AEW, but this [is a good example].

They bring him back and make him the focal point of an entirely new show but he decides to wet the bed because his confidant isn’t allowed at the venue,” Bischoff said of Punk. “Who cares? Let Punk pay him, he’s making $5 million dollars a year or more than that. Let Punk pay him.

All these hardcore wrestling fans and Punk himself is so anti-Hogan because [they think] he’s selfish and whatnot. Punk’s worse!”

That said, Warner Bros Discovery is hopeful AEW and CM Punk will be able to work out their differences. AEW also has a backup plan in case CM Punk doesn’t make it for AEW Coll

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