During the May 5, 2023 episode of AEW Rampage, fans witnessed the latest Deletion match, titled “The Firm Deletion,” at the Hardy Compound. However, due to time constraints, the full match was not aired during the broadcast.

While discussing the topic on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt opened up about the moments that had to be scrapped and shared details of what fans missed out on.

According to Hardy, one of the highlights that didn’t make it to air was a planned cameo appearance by Willow, a character famously portrayed by Jeff Hardy during his tenure in IMPACT Wrestling.

Matt Hardy revealed that the cameo involving Willow was intended to bring a hilarious moment to “The Firm Deletion.” However, due to time constraints and weather conditions, the cameo had to be scrapped. Hardy reassured fans that they would keep the idea for a future event, leaving them curious and excited for what’s to come.


“I’m gonna give you a spoiler but I’m not gonna give you a spoiler. There was going to be a Willow cameo in here (Firm Deletion) and it would’ve been hilarious because you (Isiah Kassidy) know what it was. But we didn’t get to do it because of time constraints and weather. So we’ll just save it for the next time. But yes, there was going to be a Willow cameo at one point. ”

Expressing his disappointment, Hardy mentioned that the Willow moment was set to feature Stokely Hathaway, and he believed it would have been a standout moment, causing fans to be in stitches. Unfortunately, the constraints of the production prevented the inclusion of this entertaining segment.

“The Willow moment was gonna be with Stokely (Hathaway) and I promise you, people would have pissed their pants in this moment.

“So I was really upset we didn’t get that in. But you know, it is what it is. “

Hardy also mentioned that there were other unseen moments that didn’t make the final cut of “The Firm Deletion.” He specifically mentioned a great moment between Caprice Coleman and Stokely Hathaway that audiences were deprived of witnessing. It’s clear that the match had more exciting content that would have delighted fans had there been more time to showcase it.

“Yeah, it was (a great moment between Caprice Coleman & Stokely Hathaway that didn’t make the final cut of Firm Deletion).

“There’s a lot of stuff I wish would have been on the TV version. I wish they would have just given us the last 30 minutes of Rampage.”

Reflecting on the missed opportunities, Hardy expressed his desire for the match to have received greater airtime. He suggested that dedicating the final thirty minutes of Rampage to “The Firm Deletion” would have allowed the inclusion of these unseen moments and provided fans with a more comprehensive experience.

What are your thoughts on the scrapped Willow cameo and unseen moments from “The Firm Deletion” match? Leave a comment.

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