Triple H brought back several released Superstars after he took over the company’s creative direction. Bronson Reed was doing his thing in NJPW, but he was happy to get a call from The Game. His return to the company also brought a new character for the former NXT Champion.

Bronson Reed has been creating a stir on Monday Night Raw since rejoining the company in December 2022. Although he hasn’t made it to the top of the roster yet, it appears that Reed is on his way.

A recent segment featured Bronson Reed adopting the moniker ‘Mr. Nice Guy’, which significantly diverges from his previous Colossal persona.

During a conversation with Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character podcast, Bronson Reed clarified that the ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ concept wasn’t his own idea. Instead, it was a suggestion from Paul Heyman.


“That actually wasn’t my idea (to be billed as Mr. Nice Guy) but, it is sort of input so, you know, I’ve been watching a few different television shows that has a character that’s sort of similar to what I do. Australian TV shows and the Mr. Nice Guy was actually Paul Heyman.

“He suggested that and obviously when such a great mind of the business like Paul Heyman suggests anything, you should go with it because he knows what he’s talking about… Again, huge ECW fan. So, if he has an idea like that, of course, of course that’s what I’m gonna go with. But yeah, Mr. Nice Guy and it is representative of what you see, like us chatting right now. I am that nice guy. You can speak to me. It’s just when I step into the ring, that’s when the beast is unleashed, that’s when things change and I go to make my money. My money is by cracking skulls.”

Paul Heyman might be the Bloodline’s Wise Man, but he is also a pretty valuable creative resource backstage as well. Only time will tell how many ideas come out of Paul Heyman’s brain, but it seems that he is not limited to just giving his input for the Bloodline’s angles.

Bronson Reed is still doing his thing, and trying his hardest to get attention in the WWE Universe. Perhaps this new moniker will be what he needs to really connect with fans.

What’s your take on Bronson Reed’s WWE return? Do you think he will make it to the main event? Sound off in the comments!

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