Konnan recently shared his criticisms of AEW’s undefeated TBS Champion, Jade Cargill, during the latest episode of his Keepin It 100 podcast.

According to Konnan, Cargill should be a much bigger star than she currently is, and he expressed disappointment in her recent feud with Taya Valkyrie, stating that it didn’t benefit either performer.

“I’ve never really seen her in a feud. Taya’s the only one, and Taya kind of looked dumb in that finish… that was brutal,” Konnan remarked.

Konnan went on to mention that Cargill’s initial appeal, often referred to as her “money look,” has lost its impact and emphasized the need for a revamp of her character before it becomes even more stale.


“It almost feels like their thinking is, ‘Let’s put the belt on her because with that look, she’s money.’ Yeah, but now that money look is three years old, it’s not new anymore. You’ve got to do something with her, or it will get stale like what is happening,” Konnan expressed.

The former WCW wrestler pointed out the importance of evolving a character and keeping it fresh to maintain interest from the audience. Without further development and compelling storylines, Konnan fears that Cargill’s potential as a top star may be squandered.

What are your thoughts on Konnan’s criticisms of AEW Champion Jade Cargill’s booking and character development? Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment.

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