Former WWE official Mike Chioda has shared his thoughts on CM Punk and his significance in the wrestling industry, just as rumors of Punk’s return to AEW continue to circulate.

Although AEW owner Tony Khan has downplayed the speculation surrounding CM Punk’s return to the company, the rumor mill remains active. Previous reports suggest that Tony Khan’s announcement on the May 17 episode of AEW Dynamite will be closely tied to Punk’s return and the new AEW Collision show.

During his Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda, the former WWE official expressed his admiration for CM Punk and his contributions to the wrestling business. Chioda emphasized that Punk always delivers an exceptional performance, giving his all in every match. He praised Punk’s phenomenal promos, noting that they often blur the lines between reality and fiction, with many being shoot-style interviews. Chioda admitted to being a longtime fan of CM Punk.

“At the end of the day, it’s about the business. It’s about money. CM Punk will provide you with one hell of a show. Every time he goes out there, he gives it 110%. His promos are phenomenal whether it is shoot or work, and most of them are shoot. I’ve always loved CM Punk.”


Chioda also touched on the challenging dynamics behind the scenes in professional wrestling, acknowledging that clashes of personalities are common among the diverse group of individuals in the industry. He stated that not all wrestlers will get along in a locker room, but that it’s a natural occurrence when dealing with strong personalities.

“There’s a lot of guys in this business over the decades that have attitudes. They just stand up for what they feel in the business, whether they’re making money or not. You’re gonna put 50 guys in the locker room and not all are going to get along… Personalities clash.”

Regarding AEW’s upcoming show at Wembley Stadium in London, Chioda suggested that CM Punk’s presence would be necessary to draw a large crowd. However, it’s important to note that, at the time of writing, CM Punk’s return has not been officially announced, and there is no confirmation of his appearance at AEW’s debut show in the United Kingdom.

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits any updates on CM Punk’s potential return, fans and industry insiders continue to speculate on his role and the impact he could have in AEW.

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