Liv Morgan shed some light on her backstage routine and described it as ‘chaotic.’ The WWE superstar, known for her energetic and unpredictable style, shared her pre-match rituals and mindset.

Morgan expressed her chaotic nature before stepping into the ring to Billboard, stating, “I’m so chaotic before I wrestle. I’m pacing back and forth. I’m like nowhere to be found. [Raquel] is usually trying to find me. I’m somewhere lost in the shuffle and very much in my head.”

She admitted that she wishes she could be calm enough to listen to music and get into a specific vibe before a match. However, her focus demands a different approach. Morgan explained, “I have to be super laser-focused and overthink everything I’m about to do.”

On the other hand, Raquel Rodriguez shared her own pre-match routine and musical preferences. Rodriguez revealed that she enjoys listening to reggaetón, a genre of Latin music known for its upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies. She mentioned artists like Karol G and Bad Bunny, explaining that their music gets her moving and in a good mood.


While Morgan’s pre-match routine may be chaotic, Rodriguez’s choice of music helps her get in the right mindset for their performances. The contrasting approaches demonstrate the unique personalities and strategies of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

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