Max Caster of The Acclaimed is known for incorporating WWE references into his pre-match raps, often featuring Vince McMahon as the punchline.

The latest taping of AEW Rampage for May 13 saw yet another instance of Caster roasting McMahon, particularly focusing on McMahon’s mustache.

During the trios match between The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass against Kip Sabian, The Butcher, and The Blade, which was recorded for the upcoming episode of Rampage, Caster took a jab at The Butcher’s facial hair, comparing it to the notoriously horrendous pencil-thin mustache sported by Vince McMahon. This playful insult adds to the ongoing humor surrounding McMahon’s facial hair.

It remains to be seen if this specific rap will be edited out of the final broadcast or if it will make the cut. Nonetheless, fans can watch the video below to catch a glimpse of Caster’s latest WWE reference and McMahon mustache burn.


The Acclaimed continues to entertain audiences with their rap performances and in-ring skills, bringing a unique flavor to AEW programming. Whether or not Vince McMahon appreciates the ongoing mustache jokes, it adds an element of fun and banter to the wrestling community.

What are your thoughts on Max Caster’s ongoing references to Vince McMahon’s mustache in his pre-match raps? Do you find it amusing or do you think it’s crossing a line? Leave a comment.

Steve Carrier

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