Kurt Angle is a beloved WWE Superstar, and he also likes to have a good time. He’s not really known as a prankster, but the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist has still stolen a couple of kisses from his coworkers all in the name of good fun. Thankfully, everyone got the joke and things didn’t turn ugly.

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar had a great chemistry in WWE. They did some unexpected things during their careers, including sharing a kiss. Fans likely didn’t expect the latter to be a something they’d read about today, but here we are.

In 2003, after a SmackDown episode, Brock Lesnar pretended to offer a handshake to Kurt Angle but instead surprised him with a kiss on the lips. It was a playful moment between the two wrestlers, and it was also incredibly difficult to forget for Angle.

During The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic Hero walked down memory lane as he told everything he remembered about this story.


“He put his hands out like he wanted to hug, and we hugged. And then he grabbed my face and kissed me right on the lips.”

In a surprising turn of events, Kurt Angle pulled off a similar prank on The Undertaker. This incident took place during a match between the two former WWE Superstars in Japan. After the match concluded, Angle extended his hand for a handshake and attempted to give The Undertaker a hug, but instead, he playfully planted a kiss on Big Evil. While The Undertaker didn’t find it entirely amusing, he couldn’t help but crack a half-smile and humorously threatened Lesnar in response.

“I shook hands and then I gave him like, ‘Let’s hug,’ we went to hug, and I kissed him on the lips. He was so freaking mad. He’s like, ‘It’s a long plane ride home, Angle,’ that’s what he said to me. But I kissed him right on the lips. The only time I ever heard him laugh.”

Kurt Angle had a lighthearted response to Brock Lesnar kissing him. Despite the prank, Angle didn’t show any signs of anger or annoyance. In fact, he spoke about the incident with a sense of fondness as he remembered the event.

“Oh, I loved it, of course (laughs)! No! You know what? We got done wrestling, Brock and I were having a really good program together, and I think we were both babyfaces at that particular time. We just got done doing a show; we killed it. We had an incredible match. I remember Brock; he put his hand out to shake my hand and of course, me being the babyface, shook his hand.”

Kurt Angle has raked up a lot of memories in the pro wrestling business. Right now, he is living it up as a WWE Hall of Famer, and he is retired from the ring. That obviously won’t keep him from re-living his history in the squared circle at this stage in his career.

What’s your take on this hilarious story from Kurt Angle? Would you get upset if Brock Lesnar kissed you? Sound off in the comments!

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