WWE has a lot of members from the famous Fatu and Anoa’i Family on their roster. It seems that we might have one more incoming member.

While speaking to The Be Someone podcast, Zilla Fatu, the son of Umaga, noted that he has thought about what he’d like to do if he was to interact with WWE’s top faction. We’ll have to see if this plays out as he imagines it might.

“It would just basically be me coming after the birthright of the table. Does that makes sense? It’s not gonna be me fighting for the belt. It’s gonna be me fighting for the necklace.

“It’s more to it though. Stay tuned, stay tuned. But yeah, it’s just gonna be the birthright.


“Me coming in and yeah… Or that or just something along the lines with Ava (Raine). That’s Rock’s daughter. Something along with her.

“She’s in NXT. We’re the same age. So they might have her in the — I know they’re gonna put her in The Bloodline eventually. But, you know, me, her, Solo (Sikoa).

We’ll have to see if WWE has room for another one of Rikishi’s sons on their roster. After all, The Usos and Solo Sikoa have been amazing investments for the company so far. If anything, we know that there are other potential members of the Bloodline waiting in the wings.

The Bloodline will continue their reign on SmackDown, with Roman Reigns on top of that brand. Only time will tell where their story leads, but we’ve only seen the beginning of what they are capable of.

What’s your take on the Bloodline? Do they need new members? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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