WWE still operates under Vince McMahon’s control, but he has a bit of a hands-off approach when it comes to creative now. Triple H is the company’s Chief Content Officer, but Mr. McMahon is still able to suggest changes. Of course, those changes are often implemented, because it’s still Vince’s company. It’s always been that way.

Vince McMahon famously showed up to the RAW after WrestleMania 39, and he changed up everything he could. That even led to some Superstars thinking that they might submit their release requests.

During In The Weeds, former WWE writer Dave Schilling broke down Vince McMahon’s creative process. He also revealed a couple of very interesting pitches that were rejected in the writers’ room.

“Every week we would all submit a version of the show and that would have promo language and stuff like that … there are written things, but a lot of stuff just gets kinda said. I wanted Elias to hit Roman Reigns with a guitar in a segment, and someone said, ‘You can’t have Elias hit the world champion with a guitar.'”


Schilling suggested that Elias and Mickie James create a parody of “A Star Is Born.” Additionally, he proposed destroying the Best In The World Trophy, but this idea was rejected by Shane McMahon. However, Schilling only has his recollection to support these claims and does not possess any concrete evidence.

“None of that stuff is written down, but it’s things that I said.”

Schilling went on to explain that WWE writers were pitching for Vince McMahon only. It was all about what Vince liked in the end, because those were the ideas that he was going to devote his own time into making sure that they worked.

“It’s all about what Vince likes. And a lot of these broad caricatures are things that Vince likes. I can’t speak to what happened after I left but I’m sure he thought that Apollo Crews doing that accent was going to get over.” 

“The thing is there’s a very structured system at WWE, probably still, where you’re in the room, you’re pitching ideas, the show gets put together and then it is presented to Vince McMahon or Triple H or whoever is in charge at the time,” he said. “They’re the ones who are the filter.”

Vince McMahon’s power in WWE is legendary, and it cannot be matched. Despite the fact that Triple H is Chief Content Officer, Mr. McMahon is always around whenever he wants to be. That could lead to even more of these stories isn the future.

What’s your take on Vince McMahon’s booking? Do you think Triple H is doing a better job? Sound off in the comments!

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