Fans will compare AEW and WWE to each other as often as they can. It generates a conversation and gets people going. That being said, it is undeniable that WWE’s foothold on the pro wrestling scene is far more established. It also comes with a lot more clout in the business world, which is a place they are thriving.

Chris Jericho tweeted out to flex AEW’s Wembley Stadium show’s ticket sales. This was followed by a fan saying, “Chris this is one event, a hyped, debut, overseas event. Sadly this doesn’t fix AEW’s core issue of flatlining US viewing figures. In most metrics, not just flatline, decline. You’ve still got ~30,000 empty seats to fill, so don’t get carried away with the “we did it” stuff.”

One WWE fan was very shocked to see that Triple H liked a hot take reply to the above tweet. This tweet compared AEW and WWE in a very bold way, one that was quite pro WWE.

Dude. If they’re doing so poorly, why did Warner just give them another show?


Tv ratings are an outdated way to view popularity, in todays world of cord cutting.

WWE has less than half of what they got 10 years ago, but are more profitable than ever.

It should be noted, and quite interestingly too, that Triple H unliked the tweet after that. There was a time when his likes showed that tweet, and you can check that out below.

WWE is now selling off every part of their ring assets that they can to sponsors. They are open for business, and the profits are coming. On the other hand, Tony Khan’s company might not be able to say the same thing.

Triple H liking that tweet means a lot of things, because we know he has access to his own Twitter account. Not only was he on that thread, but he also agrees with the statement this fan made about how pro wrestling has evolved, but WWE is still standing tall.

We will have to see how the entire landscape changes when WWE and UFC merge into one yet-to-be-named company under the stock name TKO, but there are certainly a lot of things going on within the company that point toward even more profits in the future.

What’s your take on Triple H liking this tweet? Sound off in the comments!

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