CM Punk draws a lot of attention to him wherever he goes. That is why recent drop-in at WWE RAW created such a stir. Punk was also recently spotted backstage at the Impact Wrestling television taping event, but that RAW visit really generated something new in the conspiracy in the rumor mill.

While speaking to Haus of Wrestling, Wade Keller went into CM Punk’s situation a bit. He floated a very interesting theory that Tony Khan was actually smartened up about CM Punk’s plan to visit RAW in Chicago.

Of course, Tony Khan couldn’t give his blessing, but he might not have said no. After all, CM Punk popping in at WWE RAW in Chicago was great PR for AEW.

“I heard that he reached out to somebody and asked, ‘What the heck is going on?’ But that doesn’t … I don’t want to say Tony would play these types of games but, it’s possible, it was very important for Tony to not have been okay with it, for the reason doing it. “Okay. If let me explain it. If the Punk said, ‘Hey, Tony, I want to go visit WWE’s locker room,’ and Tony’s like, ‘I can’t know about this, do what you want. But we didn’t have this conversation and I didn’t know ahead of time. But go ahead, it’ll be good for PR.’ If, and I have zero reason to believe that’s the case but I’m just trying to account for all reasonable options. It’s possible Tony said, ‘Do it but I want no part of it. That’d be contract tampering.’


“So, as soon as Punk did it, it’s possible Tony started going to people, ‘What the hell? What is going on here?’ In order to cover himself, legally. So I’m just saying that’s possible. But my inclination, my belief, the belief of people I talked to, is Tony did not know ahead of time. And some people were like, ‘Is this gonna be the time Tony realizes what we’re dealing with? With Punk? Will he stop being such a fan of his and blind to Punk’s lack of social awareness?”

We previously reported that CM Punk received brutal reply from Eric Bischoff as he called him “a bitch.” That is not all, because Easy E was just starting. We also reported that Easy E doubled down on that insult as he carried on with his burial of CM Punk. Bischoff went on to say that he has “zero respect” for CM Punk now.

We will have to see if CM Punk comes forward and admits that Tony Khan knew that he was going to stop by WWE RAW. In the meantime, this conspiracy theory is very interesting to consider.

Do you think CM Punk will be back on television for AEW soon? Do you miss the Second City Savior? Sound off in the comments!

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