AEW All In is set to be a monumental event for the company, as it marks their UK debut at Wembley Stadium, which has a maximum capacity of 90,000 seats. Ticket prices for the August 27 pay-per-view event range from £30 for the cheapest seats to £1,500 for ringside tickets.

During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shed light on AEW’s pricing strategy for All In. He noted that the company’s primary goal is to establish their brand in the UK and get as many people in the stadium as possible. Therefore, the pricing strategy is geared towards volume.

Meltzer explained that WWE’s pricing strategy for Clash at the Castle was geared towards maximizing their gate. The goal was to do the biggest gate possible, whereas AEW’s goal is to establish their brand and generate potential deals throughout Europe. Therefore, the attendance is the primary goal for AEW, and the pricing is aimed at making the event accessible to as many people as possible.

AEW’s strategy is focused on making the company look “big-time,” and they are willing to prioritize attendance over gate revenue to achieve this. With their pricing strategy, AEW aims to make their debut in the UK a massive success and gain a foothold in the European market.


“AEW’s trying to price (All In tickets) for volume. WWE was pricing (Clash at the Castle) for gate. And if you’re a business I guess you would say ‘let’s price it for gate’.”

“WWE’s motive was ‘we want to do the biggest gate we can, we wanna maximize our gate’, that was the goal of Clash at the Castle. With AEW here, the goal is much different – the goal is to establish the brand, get a lot of people in that stadium so the company looks really big-time. And have that help in trying to generate whatever kind of deals you can throughout Europe. The goal here is very different – the attendance is the goal here, whereas with WWE the gate was the goal.”

The pricing strategy for AEW All In may seem unconventional, but it reflects the company’s focus on building their brand and establishing a strong presence in the UK and Europe. Fans can expect an unforgettable event at Wembley Stadium, and AEW’s strategy may pave the way for their continued success in the global market.

What do you think of AEW’s pricing strategy for All In in the UK? Do you think it’s a smart? Leave a comment.

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