Alexa Bliss recently had a brief exchange with a Twitter troll following the reinstatement of her blue checkmark on the platform.

Bliss had earlier commented on Twitter removing her verified badge, with trolls attacking her for not paying $8 to keep the verified status on her handle. Many other celebrities also faced the same issue.

Bliss, who is quite active on social media, called the entire situation “weird” and criticized Twitter’s move of revoking her verified badge. A Twitter user replied to her tweet, referring to her as a “poor, suffering celeb.” The user suggested that someone probably donated to help Bliss afford her daily meals.

Bliss did not hold back and quickly clapped back at the troll. She sarcastically thanked the user for pointing out her “real” problem and clarified that her tweet was not about the $8 fee but the entire situation.


Twitter has been facing backlash from users after removing verified badges from some accounts. Many people have been questioning the social media giant’s policies and the reasons behind removing the verified badges.

What do you think about Twitter removing verified badges from some accounts? Do you think it’s fair, or do you think they need to improve their policies? Leave a comment.

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