Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a major name in the world of professional wrestling and maintains a strong connection to the industry despite his flourishing career in Hollywood. His influence is still felt in the business right now as many people incorporate his moves in their own moveset, including Daniel Garcia. Now it appears that Garcia wants to call his finishing move The Rock Bottom in AEW.

Daniel Garcia is currently one of the top talents in AEW, as he is part of The Jericho Appreciation Society. The faction prides itself on being sports entertainers and not pro wrestlers.

For a while now, Daniel Garcia has been incorporating the Rock Bottom into his repertoire. It certainly makes sense for him to use the move, considering The Rock is arguably the greatest sports entertainer of all time.

While speaking on Hey! EW, RJ City asked Daniel Garcia about using The Rock Bottom as a signature move. Daniel Garcia then revealed that he wants to call the move The Rock Bottom in AEW as well. That said, City told him that he likely can’t call it by that name.


The greatest professional wrestling move of all-time. I just like doing it. It feels very powerful when I do it. I feel great, just ‘Ahhh,’ like I’m catching an alley-oop. [When asked if he was going to change the name] No. I was actually going to ask Excalibur if I can start calling it The Rock Bottom on commentary.

Daniel Garcia is clearly taking his role as a sports entertainer seriously and is unabashed about using The Rock Bottom as his own. Whether or not he can actually call it by that name remains to be seen.

What do you think of Daniel Garcia using The Rock Bottom? Do you think he can call it by that name? Let us know in the comments!

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