WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam recently shared how much weed he uses over a week-long period.

The former ECW and WWE superstar has been an avid user of recreational drugs for years and has even gifted Vince McMahon some RVD CBD rolling papers at the 2021 Hall of Fame ceremony.

On Twitter this week, Van Dam revealed that he doesn’t fit the ‘status quo’ and said that, unlike others, he is not addicted to anything. When some fans questioned his claim and pointed at his usage of marijuana, RVD said that he is not hooked on marijuana.

RVD further added that sugar is a far stronger addictive substance, and said that he smokes “about an oz a week when I’m home.” He also mentioned that he uses marijuana for medicinal purposes to help manage his anxiety, a common reason why many people use the substance.


Last year, VICE published a piece on RVD’s connection to marijuana and his business, describing the Hall of Famer as a “Weed Icon.” The piece covered his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana and how he has used it throughout his career. RVD has also opened up a dispensary called “The Ranch” in California, where customers can buy his brand of cannabis products.

What are your thoughts on Rob Van Dam’s use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and his advocacy for the legalization of the substance? Leave a comment.

Steve Carrier

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