The world is full of dishonest people, and that is a very sad fact. We hear about pro wrestlers getting their cars broken into on a regular basis anymore, because they can’t even keep valuables in a locked vehicle. Now, we have another sad story to report, because a pro wrestling legend has lost his historic gear.

Bobby Fulton is still making towns, even with his veteran status. The pro wrestling legend is known for his famous tuxedo jacket, but that has come up missing.

Fulton logged onto Twitter, where he released a public address about his missing jacket. It was apparently stolen, and that garment means a lot to him. After all, he’s had it since 1984. Hopefully, it turns up, but the thief better not try to unload his haul on eBay, because Bobby is watching that popular auction site.

Bobby Fulton does not know who stole his precious jacket, but he does know it was taken during the last NWA event. Obviously, he’s very distraught over this.


I’ve got sad news, this historic tux jacket, I’ve had since 1984, has been stolen! If anyone sees it for sale on eBay or elsewhere, please let me know. It’s this jacket in the pic. I’m mad & I’m heartbroken. After all I’ve been through, now this. It was taken at the NWA event.

We can only hope that whoever stole Bobby Fulton’s jacket returns it. That jacket has been a part of his act for nearly 40 years now, making dates all around the world with him. Then it comes up stolen in 2023, which is a travesty.

This likely won’t be the last time we have to run a story about someone getting robbed or scammed. That is just the state of the world we live in, but Bobby Fulton isn’t giving up hope that he will be reunited with his jacket just yet.

What’s your take on this big theft? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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