WWE Superstars must get their creative ideas approved before breaking them out on live television without permission. This keeps Superstars from running with bad ideas, or ones that might get advertisers a bit upset. Mojo Rawley had quite an idea to pitch WWE, but it might not have landed well for advertisers at all.

Mojo Rawley logged onto Twitter, and he had quite a revelation for fans. He revealed that WWE once rejected one of his creative pitches before he could even finish his thought.

It seems that Mojo Rawley had an interesting idea for his fans, because it always helps to connect with them if you can give them a name. Sadly, the name he pitched just didn’t fit WWE’s standards at the time.

When I was wrestling as Mojo Rawley, I made a pitch to name my following “Raw Dawgs.” I would come to the ring and say “Where my Raw Dawgs at?”


The pitch was declined before I could even finish the sentence.

Mojo Rawley was released from WWE in the name of budget cuts during the pandemic, but he is still staying hyped. We’ll have to see if Mojo ever makes it back to WWE, but odds are his plan to call his fans Raw Dawgs isn’t going to work out.

Vince McMahon is back in charge of WWE creative, but Triple H is still supposedly running that end of things. Still, Mr. McMahon has the power to veto or change anything around that he wishes.

What’s your take on this rejected WWE pitch? Do you think WWE should have run with the Raw Dawgs idea? Sound off in the comments!

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