Last weekend at WrestleMania 39, YouTube sensation Logan Paul faced off against Seth Rollins. Following the match, Paul’s Impaulsive podcast co-host Mike Maljak had an embarrassing encounter with Sami Zayn where he mistook the former Intercontinental Champion for Seth Rollins.

Hence, he congratulated Sami on having a good match, although he was yet to perform which confused Zayn.

During a recent episode of Impaulsive podcast, Maljak apologized to Zayn for the confusion and also apologized to Logan Paul for misrepresenting their podcast. However, Logan Paul told Maljak that he liked what he said to Zayn and that he believes Sami Zayn was “neurotically awkward.”

“It’s super on-brand for Sami. He’s kind of like neurotically awkward. Like I like that you said that to him,” Paul said.


Maljak agreed that Sami Zayn probably thought their embarrassing encounter was funny.

“He probably liked it. He probably thought it was funny. [laughs],” Maljak said.

Unlike Logan Paul, Sami Zayn had a successful WrestleMania where he and Kevin Owens defeated The Usos for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships in one of the best matches of the entire weekend. Stay tuned for Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

What are your thoughts on Logan Paul’s comments about Sami Zayn being “neurotically awkward”? Do you think Zayn was offended or amused by Mike Maljak’s mistake? Sound off in the comments section.

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