Bret Hart is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, and he accomplished a lot in his career. That being said, the later years of his life have often been filled with bitter remarks about days gone by. Despite all that, The Hitman claims that he’s a happy person.

The Montreal Screwjob and Goldberg are just two of the many things that Bret Hart will complain about frequently, all events that happened decades ago. He’s in a much better place in his life now, and according to Bret Hart, he’s able to live every day as a “very lucky man.”

While speaking to Casual Conversations with The Classic, Bret Hart expanded on his mindset toward life, and how he’s “in a good place.” He also commented that the whole world is “patting” him on the back, which helps things.

“I wake up every day, I’m a very lucky man to be as proud as I am of my career, the things I did throughout my career. I’m a very happy guy in the world today. I’m in a good place. I feel like I’m healthy, I’ve got the whole world kinda patting me on the back all the time. I’m a happy guy and I’m lucky. I got a great wife [Stephanie Washington] at home.”


Bret Hart might say this now, but fans might disagree with this idea. After all, we’ve seen Bret Hart lash out for far too long for there not to be a bit of unhappiness there. Still, we are very happy that he is able to have a happy home life, because The Hitman deserves that break away from the struggles of pro wrestling.

Bret Hart might have a reason to be a bit upset about how things turned out. After all, he had to sit back and watch the people who screwed him in WWE receive huge pushes, and even corporate gigs in the company.

Bret Hart’s animosity toward Goldberg stems from a concussion that allegedly ended the Hitman’s career. Goldberg has refrained from commenting on that situation, but Hart has no issue bringing it up.

What’s your take on this situation with Bret Hart? Do you think he’s really happy or just putting on a show? Sound off in the comments!

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