WWE’s biggest show of the year is coming up, and night two of WrestleMania already has the main event locked down. Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes will battle with the Undisputed WWE Universal Title on the line, but the first night is another story.

There is actually some debate within WWE about which match should main event the show of show’s first night this year. No competitor has reportedly been told that they are closing out the night.

While speaking to Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Charlotte Flair put WWE on blast a bit for their double standard. The men’s Royal Rumble winner is guaranteed a main event spot at WrestleMania, and that happened this year. The same is not true for the women.

“How do I word this politically correct? [laughs]. I understand that the best story should close the show. I understand that, but does the men’s title and whoever wins the men’s Royal Rumble, are they always guaranteed a main event spot? Are they always? 99.9 (percent). The women, last year, last minute, didn’t happen. This year, toss up because of story? You could argue, whoever closes, say it is the tag match, I’m a huge fan. I’ve known Sami and Kevin since I started. I could not be bigger fans, but fighting for Rhea and Charlotte, I just go, ‘that story has been a year in the making, this story has been three years.


Three years in the making.’ I get it. I get top story. I look at it from a fact standpoint instead of who deserves because no one deserves anything. I do not deserve the main event, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying, if you look at it from a factual standpoint; whoever wins the men’s Royal Rumble, they are always, 99.99999 (percent), the main event. If we have two nights, how does that work? If we don’t close, am I going to be disappointed, sure, but is it going to take away from the match and the moment and how we feel? No. I just go, how do we as women know, why is theirs guaranteed and ours isn’t? That’s my question.

Say the Usos, Sami, and Kevin close. So proud. Especially Sami. Seeing this run and turning it into what he has. I’m just talking from the standpoint from the women. If they’re guaranteed, why is the women’s Royal Rumble not? That’s the fact. It’s a question due to facts. Either way, whoever is where on the card, it’s WrestleMania. Good weekend, good vibes. Rhea and I will steal the show,”

Charlotte Flair is obviously not shy about her opinion. Ric Flair, her two-time WWE Hall of Famer father, has also been quite vocal about his daughter getting that main event spot.

We’ll have to see which match main events WrestleMania 39’s first night. There are a couple of options, after all, because the Undisputed Tag Team Title match with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn against The Usos is also an incredibly high-profile contest.

What’s your take on WWE’s double standards? Should they promise a main event to both Royal Rumble winners if WrestleMania is two nights? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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