On the latest episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, tension continued to build within The Bloodline as Kevin Owens expressed his conflict about their upcoming match, while Sami Zayn and Jey Uso weighed in on the group’s future.

With WrestleMania right around the corner, WWE has been pushing the idea that The Bloodline, consisting of Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his cousins Jey and Jimmy Uso, may split up soon.

Kevin Owens addressed the idea, saying he was conflicted about what they would do at WrestleMania, as he had a personal connection to the Usos when he first arrived in WWE.

Sami Zayn had a more negative outlook on the future of The Bloodline. Sami accused Roman Reigns of never being loyal to the Usos and putting all the pressure on them. Zayn went on to say that The Usos could go back to being the beloved guys they were before they fell under Roman’s spell, once they win the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania.


Jey Uso, however, remained confident that he and Jimmy would come out on top at WrestleMania. He predicted that Sami Zayn would lose his big match again and that Kevin Owens would betray Sami and stab him in the back, leaving him and Jimmy as the tag team champions.

This ongoing tension within The Bloodline has created a buzz around their match at WrestleMania and has fans wondering if the group will indeed split up after the event. As always, WWE has managed to keep fans guessing and intrigued, making for an exciting build-up to WrestleMania.

What do you think the future holds for The Bloodline after WrestleMania? Will they stick together or will they split up? Leave a comment.

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