The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes evolved into a completely different and successful personality after he left WWE in 2016. He went outside the global juggernaut and revamped his wrestling career completely, transitioning into a megastar. However, an old video of Cody Rhodes recently surfaced, hinting that his future success could have come in WWE itself before he left.

Recently, an old video from Cody Rhodes’ first WWE run started making the rounds online. During the end of his first stint in WWE, Rhodes allegedly started working on a persona that was inspired by the Marvel character, Tony Stark (also known as Iron Man).

Cody Rhodes can be seen criticizing the Franchise Player, John Cena, and his merchandise sales in the video. The American Nightmare’s lack of a tour van was another issue his wife Brandi Rhodes, laments in the footage before referring to Rhodes as “the successor of Rhodes’ dynasty.”

The character and entire gimmick looked promising from the video. However, The American Nightmare was released by WWE in 2016 and the fans never got to see this ‘Tony Stark’ side of Cody Rhodes in the promotion. You can see the video on Twitter.


Things have certainly changed since that time for Dusty Rhodes’ son. Cody Rhodes came to WWE last year at WrestleMania 38 and is set to headline this year’s Show of Shows in a high-stakes match against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Do you think this gimmick would have worked for Cody Rhodes? Would he still be in the company then? Sound off in the comments!

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