WWE 2K23 was launched this month and has received a massive response from fans around the globe. 2K23 was the first game in the 2k series to be made under the leadership of Triple H and is appearing to be a visual delight to the gamer’s community. Recently, WWE 2K Creative Director Lynell addressed the difference between Vince and Triple H’s leadership and their impact on game development.

Last year we saw one major “passing the torch” moment when the former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon retired from WWE and the creative department was handed over to his son-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque. The entire landscape of WWE was revamped, and the company went through a makeover. “The Game” is known for his long-sighted and fan-centric approach, and the following was indeed evident since he took over the company’s creative.

Apparently, the developers faced two completely opposite issues while making WWE 2K23 as compared to WWE 2K22. Lynell Jinks (WWE 2K” Creative Director) and several other game designers recently shared their experience creating this year’s “WWE 2K23” video game in an interview with the Cultaholic Wrestling podcast. During the discussion, Jinks claimed that the recent roster changes at WWE did compel the developers to alter the game’s playable characters.

“The difference between ’22 and ’23 was that for ’23, we had the opposite problem. In ’22 we had to cut,” Jinks explained. “We had two and a half years of development, but the roster was changing, it seemed like, every week. Which created a ton of problems for us, especially with modes like MyRise or the showcase. [We were] trying to figure it out, like, ‘Can this person still be in the game even though they’re not part of the WWE?’ And luckily, WWE did a pretty good job of allowing us to keep certain people that were involved in heavy storylines in some of our modes. But this year was the opposite. A lot of people came back, which was a great thing. So for me, I think I’d rather have that problem than the opposite.”


It appears the leadership of “The Game” had a positive impact on the WWE 2K23 game as well as the makers were not asked to make many amendments to the roster due to a lack of lay-offs in the HHH’s tenure.

Do you think WWE 2K23 has the best roster to date? Do you want Triple H to continue heading the creative department of WWE? Sound off in the comments

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