Chris Jericho has been going strong for nearly 33 years in the industry, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. The Ucho of AEW has been known for the constant evolution of his character and for making constant additions to stay relevant in the business. Moreover, Jericho recently revealed an interesting story regarding his baseball bat, ‘Floyd.’

Chris Jericho revealed the origins of the name of his bat. He stated that Floyd Thomson, a former St. Louis Blue who fell to the ice during a game against the New York Islanders and swallowed his tongue, gave his bat the name in a recent interview with

“True story. How do you swallow your own tongue?! But he did it, and to this day in AEW, the bat I carry is called Floyd. I was looking for a name (similiar to) Lucille – Negan’s bat on The Walking Dead – and for some reason Floyd Thomson popped in my head. So the name on my bat in AEW comes from Floyd Thomson, former St. Louis Blue, who swallowed his own tongue.”

Chris Jericho has been carrying around the bat, Floyd since the epidemic era. During his AEW tenure, the belt has damaged property and assisted Jericho in a few victories on certain occasions.


Moreover, Floyd can be seen as a great addition to the presentation of his current character in AEW which has picked up well. This is pretty much similar to his other iconic artifacts like the glowing jacket, scarfs, and of course, ‘The List of Jericho.’

During a recent episode of AEW Rampage on March 17th, Chris Jericho utilized Floyd to hit Brody King with the baseball bat, assisting Daniel Garcia in the victory. We will have to wait and see how long will Jericho and Floyd go in his remaining tenure in AEW.

Are you a fan of Chris Jericho? Do you think Floyd the bat is an important addition to his character? Sound off in the comments!

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