WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the professional wrestling world. That being said, he is a very controversial name and is not liked by many people. He also had not spoken to fellow Four Horsemen member Arn Anderson for a long time but seems to have finally squashed their beef.

In a recent episode of the To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair revealed that he has reconnected with his former friend and colleague, Arn Anderson. Flair and Anderson had a close relationship in the 1980s, but their friendship hit a rough patch during the WCW years.

Flair had previously expressed disappointment that he did not hear from Arn after the passing of his son Reid in 2023, as well as during his own health struggles.

However, Flair shared that he and Arn have been in contact again, particularly after the passing of Anderson’s son Barrett. Flair acknowledged that wrestling can be a tough and hurtful industry, but there are some real and genuine connections within the community.


Despite their previous issues, Flair expressed a desire to move forward with Arn and work together again. He reflected on their past successes in the 80s and how it had slipped away due to various promoters, but was hopeful for a new chapter in their relationship. Flair even became emotional when he received a response from Arn, expressing how happy he was to hear from him.

“It’s a very personal thing with Arn. I know what he’s going through. Kevin Nash knows what he’s going through. Any number of people out there. I’m just being selective with the wrestling community. All the bullsh*t that we go through, there are some things in wrestling that are real and hurtful and just never seem to work out right.

t’s a very tough thing to say but, I think Arn and I have reconnected. We’ve kind of gone our separate ways. It all started back with Jim Herd. He left. I came back. They left. I mean, to have that phenomenal time in the 80s and see it kind of slip away for whatever reason, quite honestly because of promoters, and then to reconnect and have a private moment and exchange texts and everything, it made me cry. I was that happy to hear back from him. Not much more I can say about that. I just hope he and I can move forward and do some stuff together.”

This news brings hope for fans of Flair and Anderson, as well as the wider wrestling community, that even strained relationships can potentially be repaired and rekindled.

What’s your take on Ric Flair? Are you glad he and Arn Anderson squashed their beef? Sound off in the comments!

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